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Weekly News (May 8, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate      30 Y Rate: 4.000%/  15 Year Rate:3.625%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.462%/  Prime Rate:5.5%   Structure built to contain Naphthalene fumes from Edgewater Superfund site (Grid Bits 5/4) Workers erect a large, temporary tent-like structure on hopes of containing naphthalene fumes when work resumes at the Quanta Superfund site in Edgewater, […]

Weekly News (May 1, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate      30 Y Rate: 4.125%/  15 Year Rate:3.750%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.533%/ Prime Rate:5.5%   Westfield Garden State Plaza mall becomes downtown of Paramus, NJ (The Record  5/1) The owners of the mall will a brand-new downtown, equipped with luxury, mixed-use residential development where mall-lovers can live a stone’s throw from […]

Weekly News (April 24, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate      30 Y Rate: 4.125%/  15 Year Rate:3.750%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.533%/ Prime Rate:5.5%   Valley Hospital moved forward to open it’s Paramus facility by $50M donation (The Record  4/24) Valley Hospital announced in January 2018 that it would build a new hospital on a 40 acre campus off Winters Avenue […]

Weekly News ( April 17, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate      30 Y Rate: 4.125%/  15 Year Rate:3.625%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.59%/ Prime Rate:5.5%   “The Palisade Church” in Old Tappan, NJ  Chapter 11 file has been declined The court has declined the chapter 11 file in response to PCUSA’s filing for declining the bankruptcy. The court mentioned that the church […]

Weekly News ( April 10, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate      30 Y Rate: 4.000%/  15 Year Rate:3.625%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.499%/ Prime Rate:5.5%   “The Palisade Church” in Old Tappan, NJ filed Chapter 11 on 3/18/2019 The church is located at 236 Old Tappan Rd, Old Tappan, NJ. Presbyterian Church of the Palisades Non Profit’s debt is $2.4M and they […]

Weekly News (April 3, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate 30 Y Rate: 4.000%/  15 Year Rate:3.625%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.472%/ Prime Rate:5.5%   Edgewater contaminated site “Quanta Superfund site” fumes were harmful (The Record) When Edgewater residents complained last year about noxious fumes coming from cleanup work at the Quanta Superfund site, EPA officials said there was no health risk […]

Weekly News (March 27, 2019)

This week’s Interest Rate 30 Y Rate: 4.000%/ 15 Year Rate:3.620%/ 10 Y Treasury: 2.395%/ Prime Rate:5.5% Ridgefield neighbors object Thermal Power Plant construction in Meadowland “North Bergen Liberty Power Plant” will be built in Meadowland swamp area across Ridgefield, which can produce 1,200 MW power and costs $1.5B.  The power generated will be transferred […]

Weekly News (March 20, 2019)

Over 110,000 New Yorkers use illegal basement for living 114,000 New York residents are living in altered basement without permits. Mostly they live in basement because they cannot afford high NY rent. FDNY concerns poor ventilation and lack of fire alarm system, and exposure to CO gas. NYC Council initiated program to modify basement and […]

Weekly News (March 13, 2019)

Ridgefield moves forward to move on new municipal hall Current municipal building is getting old and requires serious repairs due to aging. The borough council approved to issue $850,000 bonds for initial environmental studies, engineering and design work. The new site will be on Slocum Ave next to Borough Community Center and across from Ridgefield […]

Weekly News (March 6, 2019)

Palisades Park Police chief might face to resigning City council had a closed meeting for discussing about police chief Mark Jackson They discussed his incompetence and responsibility for many undesirable cases in police force for last 2 years since he was appointed by former mayor for the police chief He is blamed for many charges: […]

Weekly News (February 27, 2019)

Fighting to save homes in Leonia against condemnation The town Leonia initiated re-development study to be conducted along Fort Lee road, Grand Ave and Schor Avenue and sent out the letter to residents Light rail station in Leonia might be connected to this study, which a part of long-awaited Bergen-Hudson Light Rail extension No time […]

Weekly News (Februray 20, 2019)

  A Co-op apartment on 3008 Edwin Ave in Fort Lee got fire at 4pm on 2/14/2019 Total 90 households and 45 units burn down. 300 people evacuated (about 13 – 15 Korean family) They will be homeless for several months. Near building (3001 Edwin Ave) got damaged by smokes and some residents are evacuated […]

Weekly News (Februray 13, 2019)

Palisades Park Korean Association is having hardship to re-open activity The current problem is PP K Association has 2 year’s lapse of activity The election committee specifies qualification of president which is not realistic and nobody can apply “PP K Ass should be represented for all Palisades Park residents, not for specific group of people” […]

Weekly News (Februray 6, 2019)

Suicide in “Malcolm Towers” in Fort Lee, NJ on 1/30/2019 at around 1:45pm 475 Main St, Fort Lee. Korean female(63) jumped from the window at 10th floor Last week another suicide (Russian: 81) at 14th floor in the same apartment building Korean woman lived with her mother(86) and she moved in recently The motives are unknown […]

Weekly News (January 30, 2019)

Ridgefield, NJ town government encourages residents to perform Radon test Town provides free test kits Radon is colorless, smell less carcinogen which is the 2nd biggest reason for lung cancer NJ EPA reported that 7% of total resident in Ridgefield has higher level than allowed level Water line burst on Hamilton Ave in Ridgefield, NJ caused […]

Weekly News (January 23, 2019)

“Bayfront” Mixed Use complex development in Jersey City is expected to come 100 Ac former chromium-polluted brownfield, cleaned up by Honeywell Southwest section in Greenville area The city is buying the property and develop mixed use complex. The council approved to go and get the money (the city will issue $400M bond) 8,100 apartments, 600,000 […]

Weekly News (January 16, 2019)

NYC charged $21M to a RE brokerage company for illegal house sharing biz Metropolitan Property Group conducted Airbnb biz with 34 buildings in Kips bay Manhattan, etc. They used 18 different names to Airbnb, and used 130 apartment as hotel room According to NYC summon, the company rented 13,691 illegally /received 75,000 guests between 2015 […]

Weekly News (January 9, 2019)

Korean owned building between Northern Blvd purchased by Chinese developer 146-17 Northern Blvd. / closing is completed at $9.7M Tenants: “Tong Tong Don Gass” / Cumon school Developer will build 5 story mixed building for retail and condo → condo development expanded to Northern blvd commercial area from downtown area   Manhattan NY Rent tipped off […]

Weekly News (December 26, 2018)

Sold: 2 apartment buildings sold at $25.5M ($559/sf) 992-996, 998 Amsterdam Ave. on 109th St Built in 1920. Mixed use building under Rent Control Total 45,576 sf with elevator – 49 units between Studio and 4 bedroom units 1st floor: bar, restaurant, barber shop,etc. ( 7 retails)   Senior population increased in Nassau Co in NYC According […]