August 09,17

1. Former Hess terminal in Edgewater, NJ will become mixed use complex?

  • Plan is to build 1872 unit residential and retail complex (8.7 ACRE on River Rd) ←→ Town wants to seize the property through eminent domain
  • The developer (615 River Rd Partners) is ready to the Mayor (Michael McPartland) and other town officials
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August 02, 17

1. Robbery in 'Trio' condo on 12th Street in Palisades Park, NJ 

  • Around 11:20pm on 7/26 (Wed), Gunman followed Korean resident in the elevator
  • Right after Korean woman left elevator at 3rd level, gunman asked the bag and fled
  • Korean resident was concentrated on cell phone and did not noticed suspicious approach
  • Trio condo is with 24 HR doorman
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July 26, 2017

1. Palisades Park, NJ, illegal basement renting headache 

  • Some tenants threaten owners without paying rent / run away over night without paying a few month rent
  • Town prohibits altering basement and renting by law
  • No practical solution from attorney → needs systematic approach to solve the situation
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July 19, 2017

1. McDonald's goes to new age marketing 

  • McDonald's at 1118 main St, River Edge, NJ is under total renovation
  • Will open September this year with Touch-screens, table orders and sleek design
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July 12, 2017

1. Palisades Park, NJ issued more ticket for BYOB violation 

  • BYOB allows between noon and midnight → Not realistic for business
  • Police checks around 3:00am and issues tickets ($1000 first offense → doubles for 2nd offense)
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