March 21, 2018

1. Best Seller market in Flushing, NY 

  • According to StreetEasy, Flushing is best Seller market among 10 seller market in NY
  • Flushing → Wood heaven Kew Gardens Prospect Heights Flatbush Glendale…
  • 65 days to close (Flushing area: 52 days to close)
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March 14, 2018

1. NJ Affordable Apartment will be increased  

  • Judge Mary Jacobson sentenced to build more affordable apartment in Princeton (753 units) and West Windsor (1500 units) in NJ by 2025
  • Two towns were receiving funds for affordable housing, but not many affordable units built → Two towns must submit their construction proposal by 7/24/2018 to the court
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February 28, 2018

1. Palisades Park, NJ faces suit over approval for high-rise 

  • Kibel Cos. (Manhattan based. Owns “Carriage House” in Fort Lee) filed a suit against 14-story high-rise known as the Aquaterra Apartments in the Long Swamp section between Fort Lee and Palisades Park (East Edsall Blvd. and 14th St)
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February 21,2018

1. Leonia, NJ, traffic ban for non-residents Leads to Protest 

  • The mayor said town will change the sign contents → Residents and Customers may enter…
  • About 80 Business owners protested and demonstrated on the street, requesting that the ban should be lifted
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